Transitioning from the military to the civilian life


Ruck-marching from military-civilian life


So let’s talk about transitioning from the military service to the civilian life. I know some of you can relate and some cannot. It’s okay! You can still chime in and share what your thoughts are. Well I was in the Army from the age of 17. Being in high school and signing a military contract was one of the hardest things that a child can ever do but to me it was the easiest decisions I’ve made in my life.

Well, after over 15 years I’m no longer that Soldier and I’m now searching for a new identity. I say identity because after being away from that life I feel like I’m still in that transitioning phase. That’s a long time trying to find a purpose of why you were created and who you really are. To this day I reminisce about putting that uniform on because I grew up and developed as an individual during that time. Continue reading “Transitioning from the military to the civilian life”