My Love And Motivation

New Home

Since my discharge from the Army 3 years ago, I have been searching for a new “home” for a long time. The mom’s clubs that I’ve joined just did not cut it. I’m not saying that all moms clubs are the same; I’m just saying the ones I’ve joined were just not for me. When my family and I moved from Texas to Virginia, a friend introduced me to a run club: MRTT-Moms Run This Town. Running has always been a love of mine so to be in this club meant a lot to me.

At first I was so intimidated because I was out of shape, I gained a few pounds and I was embarrassed of how far I have let myself go. Well this MRTT club cares nothing about that. MRTT is a FREE running club for women to support and motivate one another in their running journey. It doesn’t matter if you are a walker or runner; they welcome all! Let’s just say I’ve found my new “home”.

The Admin Post:

“As we approach the end of the year, what are you most proud of or what goals did you crush this year? I know there were some firsts out there. Let’s celebrate them. What are you looking forward to in 2018?”

The responses to this post were so inspiring. Everyone is different and everyone have different paths, but in the end we have all accomplished something together. We have proved that anything is possible through friendship, motivation, guidance, motherhood, struggles, challenges, and even pain.

Some of the Responses:  

“I didn’t have any running goals in 2017, other than keep running consistently which I have for the most part. In 2017 I want to run at least one full marathon (I start my training next week for Blue Ridge, we’ll see if I can pull that off!), and I would LOVE to run a race a month, although that might be easier said than done. No PR goals. I’m done chasing those, at least for a while.”

“I was proud to have finished my first half marathon since 2.5 years ago and it wasn’t my slowest! After having my baby 19 months ago getting back into it was so tough. I feel like I have a good base now and could tackle a couple of half’s in 2018.”

One of the reasons I run again. These women are a true inspiration to all.

“I was always a runner but not a strong long distance runner and the running I did while in the Army were all in a formation or when told to. So my goal for 2017 was to get stronger, faster and healthier. Once I started and got a routine down, it all felt great. In 3 months I’ve accomplished more than I ever thought I would. Then just when I thought it was getting good, it was crushed by an unknown source of pain which has limited my running tremendously. I am still very proud of pushing myself the way I did. Now I see my potentials. So my 2018 goals are to find the source of the pain, fix it, then run Marine Corps Marathon (MCM), 50K, and Richmond Half Marathon.”

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Continued Journey

Why the break?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I really needed that break to take a look at what’s in front of me. Take time out to concentrate on the importance of one’s self. I’ve continued with my exercise journey mostly running and working out in my garage. During that time I was instructed by my doctor to take a step back from running due to some unknown injury.

I’ve been having pain in my right side for months now. It got really bad after I ran my first official half marathon. I’m still going through the process of finding answers but once I found out my heart, lungs, and liver tests were negative; I decided to get back out there. Other than my family, running is everything. It’s my go to place. I don’t want to replace anything else. I don’t want to sit at home at home on the weekends wishing I were at a race.

I’ve been thinking of signing up for a Marathon just to challenge myself. Despite the break in running I think I’m still doing enough to make it to the finish line. It’ll be hard and mentally draining but I’ve trained myself very well mentally. This is something I really want to do for myself just this one time if possible. I want to know that I tried, I did it, and I can move on to something else.

Today, I completed a 10K race (6.2 miles) and it was very painful at one point. I really wanted to push myself harder. Although, I didn’t finish as strong as I wanted I still completed it with a personal record (PR) and was finally able to run 6 miles with each mile under 10 minutes. I’ve been trying to do that since the day I decided to start running again. I am very competitive and I know I cannot beat everyone out there. That’s not my issue though. The issue is the person I’m more competitive with is myself. I am my worst enemy and I’m constantly beating myself up because I’ve failed myself.

Although my race today where not what I wanted it to be, I know it was my best and today my best was just good enough. You just have to run your race and run happy.

The worst part about losing weight

Questions we tend to ask ourselves 

Some say the hardest part of losing weight is keeping it off. Although that may be the case what is the worst part? Is it the working out, the dieting, or your environment? Most of all I love cooking, which is one of my favorite things to do but eating, is even better. There are so many forms and types of diet plans, pills, and drinks out there. How do you know what really works for you? How do you build your inner strength to stick to it? These are all the questions I tend to ask myself daily.


The worst part about trying to lose weight to me is the dieting. Sticking to a diet has been so much of a challenge because of that I have stopped trying. Having willpower to do anything you put my mind is possible but food is my weakness. I love working out and I one day would love to compete in some serious races or obstacle course competitions. The time will come where I would have to get my mind right and do what I need to accomplish those goals.

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Virtual Workout

This is what happens when your brother-in-law motivates you and the kids are napping.

Virtual Workout Struggles

For the past couple of years I’ve been struggling with my weight. Having kids back to back then surgery and dealing with prior injuries you become unmotivated. It’s constant struggle mentally and physically trying to get out or even doing workouts around the house. Well this past week my sister suggested that her husband and I support each other virtually. Since she’s pregnant this is on us. Anything is better than nothing. This is a great opportunity for moms at home that are struggling to get back in shape. You just find someone who will push you and challenge you even if they’re not there physically. You have to create a creative mind because you don’t want to be outdone and that will push you even more.

Weight Goals

My goal is to get from 175lbs to 150 lbs in 4-6 months. That’s a very realistic goal. In order to do well and accomplish your goals you have to make sure that they’re realistic. You can’t say I’m going to lost 10lbs in 2 weeks. That’s setting you up for failure. There are some people who can but if you know that you have a very busy life and there are days that you will not be able to workout then set a goal that you can work towards at a decent pace. I gave myself time because I want to make sure I make it to that finish line.

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