Parental Instinct To Protect

Main Interests

As a parent, one of our main interests is to protect the well-being of our children. We have a common sense about us that is an attempt to eliminate hazardous situations. Sometimes we know our neighborhoods, and have an area that we do not go.  We know that in those ares the crime levels are higher, thinking there is a greater risk for our safety.

And then at times we make a decision that hinders the safety if only for a moment of our children and ourselves. Most times when a risk is taken it is because it is a common, almost routine second thought, like driving above the posted speed limit for example. We make the decision to conduct ourselves in that way because we still have control of the situation.

What do we do?

So what do we do when we are taken out of the equation, and no longer have control? Do we panic or do we conform? Do we assume that everything is going to be ok, because we want to believe in the comfort that we have done all we can to protect our children? Often these are thoughts we generally don’t spend much time on. It is inherent that I send my children to church and school to better themselves spiritually and mentally. These are things that have to happen to develop our children to being the best person they can be in the future and for their children. These places are the roots of society.

What can we do?

Do I have to wonder that when I send them off with a hug and a kiss, or when they get older a nonchalant wave to not embarrass them in front of their friends, that I may not be able to touch their warm skin or see the glimmer of love in their eyes ever again? The hard truth is yes, I do! I may not have the morbid description stated above, but it is engrained in me to worry, wonder, and pray for their safe return.

The debate is going crazy on social media and other places where laws are made, but it is a debate. It is not a discussion. Both sides are saying that ideas such as taking weapons away or putting armed guards in places where there is risk is the answer. Each action requires much involvement.

I’m going to try to give some examples without providing a stance. I want to talk on both aspects, down the middle if you will? Armed teachers, more armed security, gun free school zones, weapons registration, weapons purchasing requirements, weapons ban? These are some of the ideas out there. As parents we have to make a decision as to what we need to do.

My Proposal

Home School?

I would like to propose a new way to educate and present our children to the word of the Lord? The Internet!

My children are home with me in a secure location. Colleges are increasing their on-line enrollment every year, why can’t a school district offer the same thing, stream the classroom so if I feel my kid isn’t safe there they can stay with me.

If I am not in a financial situation where I can move them to safer area, I can only hope I can afford an Internet service at least. Let my kids learn in the classroom on-line. The teachers can be armed, the security can be armed, the kid two houses down can be armed, but my kid doesn’t have to be in the crossfire of the next occurrence.

The same goes for church, big churches have so many people attending that the pastor looks like Luke Bryan on a concert stage? The Pastor is broadcasted so everyone can see him and some are even streamed on-line. You see what I did! I offered a solution in which I can make a difference.

What I can’t do

I can’t make the armed security guard respond if he or she freezes in an incident. Neither can I make sure that an armed teacher doesn’t get hit in the back of the head with a chair while writing on the dry erase board and has their gun taken from them. I can’t make that kid down the street alter his mind to think; shooting up the place isn’t a good thing to do today. As parents we can’t control everything, we have to take risks.

I can purchase a bullet proof backpack and conduct drills with my kid to know what to do if a shooting happens like we conduct fire drills, or tornado drills, or even during the Cold War, we conducted responding to Nuclear attack drills. The drills may be uncomfortable too, but we can do them.

Final Thoughts

What I am saying is that there is not a single solution, this is a societal problem and all those things being discussed, incorporated together, could actually be the solution. But what we have to say is my way isn’t right in and of itself. We have to work together. Bad people will be bad people, but love and open honest discussion with action could work. Let’s not worry about what we may or may not be giving up. Let’s just try to see that we are providing a better tomorrow and protection for the ones we hold dearest, today!


Christopher John Gosizk Jr Birthday!

Christopher John Gosizk Jr (CJ)

After 3 years of trying, the day had finally come. Christopher John Gosizk Jr (CJ) was born on February 14, 2015 at 12:21am in Honolulu, Hawaii. This was one of the happiest days of our life. CJ can be the sweetest, loving kid and some days the most challenging kid we know. There is never a dull moment with him. He is definitely keeping me on my toes. He is our Valentines Day gift and we wouldn’t ask for it any other way.

Happy Valentines! Happy Birthday!


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