In Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization: The good, bad, and just all out amazing process

After three years of trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant, our doctor recommended that we try In Vitro Fertilization. This process is commonly known as IVF. Female’s eggs are removed from her ovaries and mixed with sperm in a lab. Embryos are then transferred into your uterus then after, you pray that you’re pregnant.

Being 33 and having to do IVF hurt my pride and my emotions more than anything hurt. The feeling of being a mom meant everything to me. I placed my career and education first then the time came where I was ready but I couldn’t, well naturally that is. Looking back at my life I wondered where had I failed trying to find answers. I wanted to know what did I do wrong or what happened along the way. Either way, I soon realized that anything is possible even if you need help to get there.

Our first time going through the IVF process was in Hawaii. I found out I had an ovulation disorder with uterine fibroid and ovarian cysts; which were surgically removed before both of my IVF procedures to lessen the chance of miscarriage. There were some other issues so we knew this was our only chance.

The process:

Step 1: The fertility medications to stimulate egg production. A trans-vaginal ultrasound is used to examine the ovaries, and blood test samples are taken to check hormone levels.

Step 2: Eggs are retrieved through a minor surgical procedure that uses ultrasound imaging.

Step 3: The sperm sample maybe not so much fun but he is officially my sperm donor haha!!

Step 4: In a process called insemination, the sperm and eggs are mixed together and stored in a laboratory dish to encourage fertilization. After the insemination process we found out that we had 9 fertilized embryos. That was such a shocker and relief. Now all we have to do is transfer.

Step 5: The embryos are usually transferred into the woman’s uterus three to five days following egg retrieval and fertilization. Continue reading “In Vitro Fertilization”

Resolutions: Yes or No?

Resolutions: Yes or No?

The New Year is only 10 days away and of course I haven’t made any resolutions. I never do but I think for this New Year it might just be worth my time. So, why do people make New Year’s resolutions?

  1. It gives then hope for a better future.
  2. It gives them something to look forward to.
  3. You’re setting goals for a healthier life.
  4. You’re trying out new things and getting out of your comfort zone.
  5. Trying to accomplish more goals physically.
  6. Trying to maintain yourself and your lifestyle.

Those are just the few reasons why people set resolutions goals. I have so many things I want to do and try in 2018 and it’s getting out of control. I have to keep reminding myself that I can’t go overboard and setting limits will help with achieving my goals.

Quick Tips to Keep your New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Don’t make too many resolutions and make them realistic. Attainable goals with a reasonable time frame.
  2. Choose your own resolution. Do not make goals because someone is doing it or your significant other says you need to. Do it for you!
  3. Make a plan and how long you would like to complete that specific goal.  
  4. Write your goals down in order to stay on track and follow your progress.
  5. Involve friends and family. They can support your efforts, and can motivate you to keep going.
  6. If you get off track, don’t sweat the small stuff. Review your plan and adjust accordingly.
  7. Congratulate yourself. Reward yourself on all your intermediate goals and when your resolution is met.


Remember to make your goals realistic and don’t try to do something crazy that you will eventually set yourself up for failure. You have to remember that slip-ups happen. It’s not about the slip up as it is so much about the recovery. You have to learn how to recovery from your slop ups that way you won’t continuously beat yourself up about them. Always take small steps towards those goals and be sure to congratulate yourself for making the changes you have made. I’m looking forward to some changes for the better. Good luck everyone!


How we met – The censored version

Was it love at first sight?

That’s a good question and I’m sure many have asked ourselves that before, I did. “If you believe in love at first sight, you will never stop looking.” Closer (2004; directed by Mike Nichols). Love at first sight doesn’t always mean a sexual attraction. It’s a connection that you both have that can lead into something profound and genuine.

I’ve always been a sucker for love, relationship, and family and at one point it felt like it would never come. The relationships didn’t last or the ones that lasted a while just went down the drain because “HE” had to cheat or the ex came back into their lives and those 5 years we were together meant nothing.

When I met my ex-husband, I knew I was on the rebound from a broken heart but I was desperate for someone to take away the pain. I wanted someone to make it right again. It didn’t take long for me to convince myself that this was it. Well I was so far from being right. Haha! We got married after dating for about 6 months and I saw signs but was blinded by the idea of marriage. Let’s just say that we were not on the same level and childish games was not part of my game.

I wish not go into details but lets just say when she called I was not mad. I simple said “He’s in the shower, please call back” a couple days later I was out the door and I did not look back. Those 3 years were just hiccups in my life that have made me stronger today. One thing I did swear to myself that I would never get married again. Man was I ever more wrong on that one too.

Okay, let’s get to the real deal. So I asked my husband to write something about when we first met. Here you go!

His story

I was in Iraq in a very low energy unit; some would say its mission was just as important as any other units. I challenge that based on prior deployment experiences. Nevertheless I was there and kind of enjoying it. There were many things to do when not in shift and I maximized my opportunity to keep my morale at a high level. I was placed on a weird shift, as I was the only one in the unit that worked half the day with the day crew and the other half with the night crew.

Working 3pm to 3 am, so naturally when all the top dogs went home at 8pm I spent some time with the night shift and the environment was much different. It was still a quiet room, which I typically don’t allow for any lengthy period of time.

Anyway, during my deployment a unit transitioned and in came another just as usual. Always replacing unit like a revolving door. The new unit was ready for work and then there was her. A SSG with beautiful dark skin, the lights of the room shined off of her. Her hair was maybe shoulder length. She had the best twist or braids on the top I’ve ever seen. Sometimes she looked as if she was ready to kill, but she always looked stunning.

As mentioned, I was always loud and always making myself known. Sometimes I would go to the area she was at only to BS with those around her. I never thought anything about pursuing because I had that fear of speaking to females because I never know if I were too direct; and if I was, would it be sexual harassment. So I never said anything.

Making the move

Then I got some emails that made me think it was ok to speak to this female whom I already thought was something I would pursue for a good time. We exchange emails, we exchanged propositions and ultimately we snuck off at the end of my shift to get a good night kiss in a bunker.

I went on leave and she never left my mind, I knew I wanted to be with her and I was prepared to do whatever I had to in order for that to happen. So I returned to Iraq and we had our weekly date night at the little pizza joint on post and we continued to vibe. I knew that in order for anything to work for any period of time I would have to jump in and make her my wife. We discussed how much we didn’t know about each other.

We ultimately hung out everyday. No alcohol around, talked, did adult things, and planned for our future and how scary it would be. After barely 4 months of knowing each other we got married in Las Vegas while she was on leave. She left Jody Greene and 2 weeks later went back as Jody Gosizk.

Now almost 7 years later, we are still married with 3 beautiful children and we continue to learn and tolerate each other as we grow as individuals and parents.

I love my wife, I’m so glad she emailed me that night in Iraq.

End of his story!

Final note

The way he tells this always makes me laugh. There’s so much more to it but we’ll stick with this one because the shit this guy says and how loud he was while on night shift is nothing compared to what he wrote. I’m not sure if it was that, his unforgettable laugh, or his statue that drew me to him but from the first time we talked I knew that was it for me. He was the one!

Was it love at first sight? No, it was love at first conversation. Not everyone’s love starts the same. I’ve maintained hope but I had stopped looking. All it took was a conversation.








Continued Journey

Why the break?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I really needed that break to take a look at what’s in front of me. Take time out to concentrate on the importance of one’s self. I’ve continued with my exercise journey mostly running and working out in my garage. During that time I was instructed by my doctor to take a step back from running due to some unknown injury.

I’ve been having pain in my right side for months now. It got really bad after I ran my first official half marathon. I’m still going through the process of finding answers but once I found out my heart, lungs, and liver tests were negative; I decided to get back out there. Other than my family, running is everything. It’s my go to place. I don’t want to replace anything else. I don’t want to sit at home at home on the weekends wishing I were at a race.

I’ve been thinking of signing up for a Marathon just to challenge myself. Despite the break in running I think I’m still doing enough to make it to the finish line. It’ll be hard and mentally draining but I’ve trained myself very well mentally. This is something I really want to do for myself just this one time if possible. I want to know that I tried, I did it, and I can move on to something else.

Today, I completed a 10K race (6.2 miles) and it was very painful at one point. I really wanted to push myself harder. Although, I didn’t finish as strong as I wanted I still completed it with a personal record (PR) and was finally able to run 6 miles with each mile under 10 minutes. I’ve been trying to do that since the day I decided to start running again. I am very competitive and I know I cannot beat everyone out there. That’s not my issue though. The issue is the person I’m more competitive with is myself. I am my worst enemy and I’m constantly beating myself up because I’ve failed myself.

Although my race today where not what I wanted it to be, I know it was my best and today my best was just good enough. You just have to run your race and run happy.