The worst part about losing weight

Questions we tend to ask ourselves 

Some say the hardest part of losing weight is keeping it off. Although that may be the case what is the worst part? Is it the working out, the dieting, or your environment? Most of all I love cooking, which is one of my favorite things to do but eating, is even better. There are so many forms and types of diet plans, pills, and drinks out there. How do you know what really works for you? How do you build your inner strength to stick to it? These are all the questions I tend to ask myself daily.


The worst part about trying to lose weight to me is the dieting. Sticking to a diet has been so much of a challenge because of that I have stopped trying. Having willpower to do anything you put my mind is possible but food is my weakness. I love working out and I one day would love to compete in some serious races or obstacle course competitions. The time will come where I would have to get my mind right and do what I need to accomplish those goals.

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Social Media

My take:

Many of us has become addicted or obsessed with Social media. I do think that social media is taking over our lives and the true meaning of being friends, family or companions. People rarely communicate through phone calls, visiting, or even through text anymore. If you want to know what’s going on in someone’s life well just get on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat.

Personally, I can’t stand it. I try to keep my distance from it as much as possible. The sad part is that in reality I cannot completely withdraw myself away from it. I would lose all social bond I have with friends, family or even business associates. The struggle of social media is real and it’s getting worst.

Each year more and more people and businesses are drawn to social media. It’s a way to improve your business value, meet friends, support groups and even develop relationships. Social media have become the life of the party. Without it there is no recognition of how cool you are or what you’re doing with your life.

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